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A balanced approach to social media and parenting

Social speaking is a big habit these days. Parents ask lots of questions. The ones I hear most often are:

  • What are my kids doing?
  • What are my kids saying?
  • Are they in danger?
  • How do I monitor them?

I like shiny things and hanging out with teenagers. Social media is a natural fit. The blog, my email and workshops are available to help parents and anyone who works with teens create best practices for communication and relationships.

Thinking out loud about questions

It’s been 24 years since my first church job, and that was after 19 years of attending at “mom-point.” Something she did stuck. That foundation leads me to continue believing that churches can be powerful cornerstones for healthy communities. I also think many churches are answering questions that no one outside the church is asking any longer. That makes people uncomfortable.

What else am I researching, teaching and sharing?

  • Where are the Millennials?
  • A Community-Engaged Congregation
  • Leadership
  • Reaching and Teaching Teens

My latest books is to the left. A contact form is to the right. A picture that proves I clean up is even further right. If you just want to know more about me…here goes: I’m Dr. Foreman at Campbell University Divinity School, dad to two great teenagers, frequent coffee drinker, beer lover, and source of great joy and frustration to my wife!

In addition to writing, speaking and thinking, I also consult with congregations. Visit The Center for Congregational Health for more information about my congregational consulting.

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