Laughter brings us together, especially when we are laughing at ourselves. Social Media Improv is a two to three hour workshop for teens and their parents where parents learn about social media, teens hear what their parents learned and then we laugh at each other. Learning communication skills through practicing improv comedy, parents and teens experience conversation in a non-threatening environment.


There are far too many fear-inducing stories about social media which raise angst for parents.  If it is not fear, it is frustration that many experience when they feel they are losing once strong relationships with their children. Brian speaks to large groups about social media and how it can be used to enhance communication with teenagers.

Blending humor with stories from two decades of experience with teens, through Socially Speaking, Brian provides helpful tips for:

  • Keeping your teenagers safe in the digital world
  • Staying connected with your teen
  • Focusing on what matters, face-to-face communication

Talk, Don’t Stalk is a social media primer for parents, providing ways to use social media to enhance communication with their teenagers. It is a fast-paced 60-minute introduction to the principles of social media and creating better face-to-face communication with your teenager.

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