Community Engagement from Abundance, not Scarcity

How does your church engage the community? Do you throw open the doors and welcome all comers? Most often, we look at the needs of the community and try to meet a need. What if we worked the other direction and engaged the community as neighbors, sharing from our abundance and assets? In this workshop you will learn about tools and resources for successfully engaging your community. You will hear about nearly 40 organizations that have launched community initiatives, with some failing and some succeeding,  and what you can learn from their examples.

One leader indicates that his aging congregation is in an aging neighborhood. The church has tried to focus on reaching young families…who do not live near the church. His question (paraphrased), “What would happen if our church started helping the neighborhood focus on the things our neighbors are concerned about, since the concerns they face are the same as our church?”

Perhaps the answer is not a glamourous new building campaign, but it is one that leads a church to capitalize on its context and do things that are authentic and natural.

Ministry as a Journey

Is ministry about doing good work? Sure.

Is ministry about relationships? Yes.

Is ministry about helping see God revealed daily? Certainly.

Ministry involves all of these things, and much more. Yet it is also a place where the deep intersections of who we are, whose we are, and how we love God and our neighbors matters. Understanding ourselves and our work, living into the fullness of who we are created to be, and staying present in the moment and experiences of our lives is key for healthy, balanced living. Our ministry workshops focus on generational work, communication, coaching, leadership and self awareness.

Organizational Workshop Details

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