Reaching our youth across the digital divide is a struggle for parents, ministers, and other adults who work with Generation Z—today’s teenagers. While we work to keep up with digital advances, our youth, as digital natives and early adopters, learn on the go.

#Connect is not just about technology. Rather than focus on the tension between church and culture, Brian Foreman has provided insight for using the new communication tools to teach Generation Z the lessons of Christ. #Connect leads readers into the technological landscape, encourages conversations with teenagers, and reminds us all to be the presence of Christ in every facet of our lives.


This is an important book—not a PDF or a tweet or a post—a real book with real insights for all of us who need help navigating the “digital playground” where our children and teenagers play.

—Bo Prosser, Coordinator of Missional Congregations
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

“How to Be #SocialMediaParents”

How To Be #SocialMediaParents is a practical guide for parents to better understand social media and how their children are using it. Children as young as 13 are allowed on Facebook, but there are some parents giving access even earlier. Game Center on Apple products allows children to connect with anyone else on Game Center, regardless of age. How does a parent decide what is right for and with their family? How does one implement the family policy without making everyone miserable?

How to Be #SocialMediaParents is a resource to help with those decisions. The focus of this book is two fold. The first is to help parents better understand the technology available to their children. The second is to help parents better understand their teenagers. It would be a mistake however to assume this book is just about technology. Ultimately, it focuses on helping the parent use technology to enhance their offline relationships. This is critical for parent-teen relationship, for keeping children safe and for teaching teenagers about acceptable behavior online in public spaces.

Pause (contributor)

PAUSE is a bound collection of daily devotions from the popular devotional site d365.org, produced by Passport, Inc. and jointly sponsored by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Presbyterian Church (USA) and The Episcopal Church.

PAUSE reminds us to take a moment to ourselves while applying scripture to our lives. Case pricing makes it perfect for graduation gifts, camp/retreat follow-up, or as baptism or confirmation gifts.


Help! I Teach Youth Sunday School

For today’s youth, life is filled with new choices, new decisions, new feelings, new perspectives, and new freedoms. During this time, teens are forming the belief systems that will influence their adult faith, and their ideas about the nature of God, the Bible, and the church. Will teen involvement in church youth programs provide them with a framework for making important choices? Will this time nurture values and encourage their emerging identities to be deeply Christian?

Something wonderful can happen when you mix teenagers, the Bible, and an enthusiastic teacher together. Many teenagers are hungry to learn about the Bible, what it means, and how it can be applied to their lives. Traditionally, this type of education happens in Sunday School. Unfortunately, too many Youth Sunday School teachers are not prepared or feel inadequate when it comes to teaching teens. They do their best, but all they are doing is surviving the Sunday school hour.

Help! I Teach Youth Sunday School offers the Sunday school teacher specific tips and hints to prepare for and care for teens. Real-life stories are mingled with information on Youth and their culture, common myths about Sunday school, a new way of preparing the Sunday school lesson, creative teaching ideas, ways to think about growing a class, and how to reach out for new members while reaching in to old members.

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