Depression and suicide are things that still plague our teenagers (our society in general really), and until more resources are devoted to mental health that is likely to continue. For some, the problem seems so large and it feels like there is nothing they can do. One artist is taking a swing at making a difference, using the platform that he knows best, music. Check out this video by Logic:

The video is a story of a young man struggling with his sexuality, which is appropriate as suicide among LGBTQ+ teens is higher than among their cisgendered peers. It is well worth your time to watch, talk about with teenagers in your sphere of influence, and to consider how you can make a difference. Regardless of your ideological take on issues of sexuality, each person that attempts to or commits suicide is someone’s son or daughter.

How do I make a difference?

  1. Have conversations with teenagers about loving their neighbors and peer advocacy. Check out the Trevor Project for ways to support LGBTQ+ teens
  2. The song’s title, 1-800-273-8255, is the National Suicide Prevention hotline. Scan their resources.
  3. Pay attention to changes in the behavior of teenagers around you. They may be crying out and need an adult to simply hear their cry. Need to know what to look for? Start with this artcle from the National Institute for Mental Health
  4. Consider hosting a Mental Health First Aid training in your congregation, school or community.



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