It started as a small cough and developed into acute bronchitis. Brock has never been prone to illness beyond the occasional cold, except when he was little. Although as an infant he did keep us busy with ear infections. At the doctor, when being diagnosed and treated for this bout of bronchitis, Brock also had an ear infection. His first since day care days.

Why am I writing about his health? The doctor asked this great question in her office, “Brock are you stressed out? You seem really tired, like, beyond the sickness.” A deep exhale from him confirmed that.

I have always had a romanticized view of Senior year and all the excitement that came with it. In fact, I bought into the story about how Junior year is the hardest and most pressure packed. A few tasks from Senior year might indicate otherwise:

  • College applications
  • Senior year classes
  • Extra curriculuar activities
  • Scholarship applications
  • Financial aid conversations
  • Decisions about where to attend college…all making for a stressful Fall in our home.

We should probably include “freaked out, but trying to act like we are holding it together” parents. Don’t judge. A few thoughts for youth ministers about Seniors.

  1. Many students are overwhelmed and don’t know how to handle it. You don’t have to fix this for them. Just let them know that you are in their corner and praying for them.
  2. Give them opportunities for places to just be, not where there is something expected of them.
  3. Share prayer practices that help them find peace and readjustment because of whose they are.
  4. Please don’t make them feel guilty when they miss a program or event. Do let them know they were missed.
  5. Remind them that the celebration is coming!


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